Victory through Brokenness | Sermons | Mount Carmel Christian Church

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January 7, 2018

Victory through Brokenness

Yes, there is sin and brokenness in this world. But God created this world to be good, and it was good, and it will be made good again! The serpent is defeated, he’s already lost. We need to start acting like victorious people! I think too often, at least for me personally, I walk around like a defeated person. Because the hurts, pains, sin, brokenness of myself and this world are very real and we take that on and we try and carry that as far as we can without crying out to God for help! We must rest in the fact that God is good and that this world will someday be made good again because evil as already been defeated! We need to remember and celebrate that God created this earth for us. We need to appreciate and understand that we’re all broken and sin filled and that should be enough to humble us to a place where we can look somebody else in the eye’s who is different than us and just as broken and sin filled as we are and say I love you now lets go chase this victory together. 

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