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Here as in Heaven

Here as in Heaven is a five-week discussion on several mental health topics including anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma. Jesus warned us that there is a force of evil in this world that seeks to steal, kill, and destroy our lives, but Jesus promises to give us life to the full. As Jesus taught his disciples to pray, he asked: "Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven."

It is not uncommon for us to fall into the rut of thinking that this life is meant to be full of suffering until we find peace when we get to Heaven. This was not Jesus' prayer. He prayed that we could have the freedom of full life, the will and promise of God... HERE...NOW! We can experience the fullness that life was designed to have here on Earth. The bondage to pain can be broken. We can have freedom!

Join us as we search God’s promises for words of hope and healing.