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Mount Carmel is generously supported by those who consider themselves part of the church family. Unlike many congregations within a denomination, we are supported solely by your generous gifts.

Giving is a means of participating with God and His Church in performing His work throughout the world. When you give to Mount Carmel, you join with hundreds of others who help create an environment where we can reach the lost, bring up our kids in the faith, provide care and support for many in need, reach people in far places through our missionaries, and provide a meeting place for many non-profit organizations in Clermont County. When you give to Mount Carmel, you help make all of this happen.

Mount Carmel allocates a portion of its receipts towards its ministries, including missions and the building. There is no need to designate part of your donations to those areas as we already do so.

Additionally, our government has given us a means of receiving a tax advantage when we give to the church. If you itemize deductions, there are a few ways you can enhance your tax position by using various means of giving. Please note that this information is provided for illustration purposes only; please contact your tax advisor to more fully understand your tax situation.

Ways of Giving:

You can give using your smartphone, tablet, or the web using Pushpay. Once your profile is set up, you can literally make a donation in seconds when offering is being collected during Sunday service, when you are on a work trip, or even when you are on vacation. You can also set up a recurring gift if you wish. Gifts are reflected on your year end giving statement.

Give through Pushpay

When you give by check we use the information on the check to record your gift in our donation system. No envelopes are needed when you give by check. (In fact using envelopes slows down processing gifts considerably, and we just dispose of the envelope.)

Just set up a profile on your bank’s bill payment website for Mount Carmel Christian Church, 4110 Bach Buxton Rd, Batavia, OH 45103 and send your donations directly to us.

Please place cash donations in a marked envelope if you wish to receive credit for your gift. Make sure you put your address on the envelope. You might be surprised to know that we may have another person with the same name as yours in the church and we want to make sure we record the donation to the right donor!

When giving appreciated stock or mutual funds, you will receive an acknowledgement letter indicating the date, number of shares, and the security we received. In most situations, you do not have to pay income taxes on the appreciated value (that’s a great tax benefit!). If the stock or mutual fund has lost value, you can also receive an enhanced tax benefit. Sell the security, claim the loss on your income tax return, and receive donation credit for the cash proceeds that you give to Mount Carmel. In either case, please contact your tax advisor as these enhanced tax benefits may not be applicable in some situations.

Before initiating any stock donation, please notify Jeff Perrine, our Associate Minister for Administration, that this transaction will be taking place. We recommend transmitting stock donations in the first two weeks of December to make we receive the stock by the end of the year. All stocks donated must be traded on a public exchange.

Mount Carmel does not accept gifts such as automobiles or other property. We are not set up to be able to convert such a gift to cash in order for you to receive the maximum possible value for your gift.

Please note that the IRS requires all checks to be postmarked by December 31 in order to receive same year credit for them. 

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