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December 29, 2019

God Can Use Our Offerings For So Much More

December 22, 2019

Christmas is good news!

December 15, 2019

God gives the only vision of the future worth living for.

December 8, 2019

God right near me is what I need to face a world not right with me

December 1, 2019

God Is With Us… Am I with him?

November 24, 2019

Be a reason for gratitude, not a seeker of gratitude

November 17, 2019

God wants me to be thankful for the good

November 10, 2019

Gratitude is rooted in God, not in the ebbs and flows of life’s circumstances

November 3, 2019

Words Of Thanks Stir Up Thankfulness

October 27, 2019

Giving is a faith-in-God habit

October 20, 2019

Evidence of faith is not found in what you’ve got, but in the good you do with what you’ve got.

October 13, 2019

Being Right With God Transforms My Money Practices

October 6, 2019

God Is The Owner And We Are The Managers

September 29, 2019

God Transforms The Small Into The Significant

September 22, 2019

Living by God’s Grace Means Honoring God the Grace Giver

September 15, 2019

Grace Inspires Grace

September 8, 2019

Grace is God With Me in my Bitter Seasons

September 1, 2019


August 25, 2019

Power: Gifts of the Spirit

August 18, 2019

Power:The Fruit of the Spirit

August 11, 2019

Power:The Holy Spirit at work in my life assures me that God keeps His promises.

August 4, 2019

Power:The Holy Spirit Powers the Church

July 28, 2019

Power:The Gift of the Holy Spirit

July 21, 2019

Power:Source of Power

July 14, 2019

Power:Co - Mission

July 7, 2019

Power: God Works in Our World Through the Holy Spirit

November 22, 2020

What would change if I trusted God?

November 15, 2020

Don’t be a king. Live for THE KING.

November 8, 2020

Am I building my life on the rock or on the sand?

November 1, 2020

My Neighbor

October 25, 2020

Paint a person’s character with a thin brush

October 18, 2020

The measure of my commitment to Jesus is the content of my words.

October 11, 2020

"Faith ain't a claim, it's the way you play the game..."

October 4, 2020

“Listen to understand…”

September 27, 2020

“Don’t lie, starting with yourself…”

September 20, 2020

If you are going to pray for a bike, pray for a red one.

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