Discipleship | Mount Carmel Christian Church

What does it mean to be a disciple? Is it following a rigid thought process? How does it impact our daily lives? What is the benefit of it in the long run and how can I pass what I learn on to someone else?

We asked these questions to a group of our friends from different stages of life to help get a better understanding of what it looks like to follow Jesus here at Mount Carmel. We hope that by getting to know a little bit more about them that you would want to get to know more about us and enter into a conversation about how you can grow in your faith with the goal of helping others do the same. Enjoy these stories and feel free to share your story with us as well! Contact our Teaching Minister, Tim Peace, with any of your questions or comments.

Episode List:

  1. Why I love my Dad, with Brenden Athan
  2. Dad: Year 1, with Collin Guernsey
  3. This is My Church, with Mark Ogg
  4. We Belong, with Chris & Meggie Haun
  5. Why I Do What I Do, with Tina Rooks
  6. I Love When Kids Get It! with Sarah Schraer
  7. This is My Faith, with Noah Anderson
  8. Stepping Out on Faith, with Craig Dobson & Jeremy Rauch