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Victory trough Brokenness: Followup

January 9, 2018 | Aaron Adams

This past Sunday we discussed that even though there is sin and brokenness in this world now, God created this world to be good, it was good and it'll be made good again! We find time and time again through scripture that even through brokenness there can be victory!

But, I think for myself personally, and probably for many others, pursuing that victory and even seeing the victory ahead is difficult. I mean, just turn on the news, listen to the radio and we can see the brokenness in the world. It doesn't take our minds very long to think of the brokenness in our very own lives.

When our minds are constantly wrapped around the thoughts of brokenness, of sinfulness and of insufficiency we begin to wear the weight of a burden that was originally never meant for us to carry.

While there is sin and brokenness in the world now, God created the world the be good and it was good! In fact in Genesis 1:31 God saw that it was "very good". Our God is a god of promises, and he's very good at keeping them. Our God promises that a day will come where it will be made right again. That's our hope! That's our victory! As people living in the day to day, we have a decision to make. Will we trust in the promises of our God? Each day will we seek victory over or burdens, our sins, our fears, and anxieties? Or, will we let the feeling of defeat settle in?

My prayer for you, and for myself included, is that we begin chasing victory daily.

Aaron Adams,
Student Minister