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The Votto-Approach

July 26, 2018 | Timothy Peace

I was having lunch today with my friends Tom and Brian, and we were, per usual, reflecting on Cincinnati Reds baseball. Moreover, we observed not only the greatness of Joey Votto, but we acknowledged that he appears to have embraced the lead-by-example role that most recently had been occupied by Scott Rolen during the most recent Reds playoff teams.

This role is most evident in the hitting approaches of Joey Votto’s teammates, strategies which have brought about the recent offensive resurgence after the historically bad start to this 2018 season. More pointedly, the Votto-Approach at the plate has produced a lineup that frustrates pitchers, puts guys on base, and drives in runs. It’s been fun to watch!

I bring it up not just because I enjoy pontificating about Cincinnati baseball, but because the follow-my-lead approach of Joey Votto’s newfound leadership posture, and the results produced because players have bought in, is an excellent example of the process of discipleship, played out in practical terms.

As we move forward into the future, as a church, I’m reminded (a) that I have become what I have become because I was open to my leaders and my leaders opened up to me, and (b) that such a one-on-one approach can, has, and will continue to take root in our church. Christians investing in others, helping to prompt growth in them and helping them to replicate the process in others is not just the way of Jesus but it ought to be the way of the church as a whole.

By God’s grace, and through the work of the Spirit, leaders invested in me. I hope to pour into others, and I hope our church becomes a church willing to invest in the people within our collective spheres of influence.

If that happens, we’ll be a “tough out.”