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Talking Baseball 2

August 2, 2018 | Timothy Peace

I’m going to talk about Baseball again.

Well, sort of.

A couple of weeks ago, a video was circulating on internet-land showing a Cubs player tossing a ball in the direction of a little child and an adult man, sitting one row back of the child, coming up with the ball and handing it to his wife.

The video drew the ire of everyone who watched the twelve-second clip. The man became a villain in the eyes of viewers.

Scott Simon of NPR, however, did some digging and discovered that the twelve-second clip, along with the instant angry hot takes, did not tell the whole story. He writes:

“What the Cubs discovered from people nearby was that the man in question wound up with four balls during the game, and gave three to children, including the young man who had appeared to be swindled. He also gave one to his wife; it was their anniversary.”

I’d encourage you to read the rest of the story here.

We’ve become, as a society, notorious for reading only the headline or mitigating our ideas into mere, incomplete, memes, tweets, and abbreviated texts. We even do this with the Bible.

While Christian historians bemoan works such as the Jefferson Bible from which Jefferson removed the miracle stories to create a more palatable expression of rational religion, we can be guilty of the opposite: we cherry pick our “life-verses” out of context and whittle the Scriptures down to what we want them to say to us. In the process, we miss the whole of the message.

This approach will lead us to draw incomplete, incompatible-with-scripture conclusions and then live our lives according to, not to the whole counsel of God, but Scripture of our own making.

Read Scripture; don’t stop at the meme, the bumper sticker slogan, or the “verse-of-the-day.” If you merely do those things, you’re not getting the whole story, and your action in response to the story you are getting might not be in step with the God of the entire story.