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MCCC - You're Invited to the Party: Reflections

May 9, 2018 | Aaron Adams

If you were in attendance with us this past Sunday, then you heard that I don't consider myself to be a golfer, by any stretch of the imagination! But, a simple invitation by a friend (who is a golfer), and a reluctant "yes" by me turned into a whole lot of fun. I wouldn't say I golfed "well" that day; I'd say I golfed "okay" at best. But that didn't matter! What made the day fun was spending time with two friends. What made the day fun was the conversations we had, as we moved from hole to hole. What made the day great was the encouragement I received from friends...and hopefully the encouragement that I also gave them in return.

As I reflect on the calling of Levi that we find in the gospel of Mark 2:13-17 I'm reminded of the fact that Jesus at the dinner table with Levi, other tax collectors and sinners was there because he wanted to be WITH people because he was FOR people. Jesus was FOR all people. I want to be known for being FOR people. But, to be FOR people, I've got to be WITH people.

I know that I've been invited to the party. I know that I have a seat at the table. But not everybody in my community know's that they too are invited to the same table that I've been invited to. My greatest desire, moving forward, is that my words and my actions, let people know that they're invited and that I am FOR them. When our community sees that Mount Carmel is FOR them, then I think God will do some amazing things. #FORCLERMONT