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Let's Celebrate!

April 3, 2019 | Didi Bacon

I was recently in a conversation with a friend about Easter. I told him that the thing that I love about Easter is that Easter Sunday is THE day. Being THE day has layers. Paul said that without resurrection our faith is nothing. Jesus risen from the dead is THE foundation of the Christian faith. Take it away, and we have nothing. It is also THE day because when we celebrate Easter, we celebrate it on the Sunday after the feast of Unleavened Bread and Passover. This is Ancient Israel’s Independence day! It is a holiday still celebrated by the Jews.

The Jewish calendar follows the lunar cycle, while our modern calendar utilizes the solar cycle. That is why Easter is always on different days between March and April from year-to-year.

But we celebrate the resurrection on THE day. Christmas is not THE day, as the exact date of Jesus’ birth is unclear. But Easter is THE day. So who will you invite to join you for worship at Mount Carmel on THE day?

This year Easter is April 21. We are adding n additional service to our usual service times. We will have a 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:30 am and Noon service.

There will be children’s programming available in our Nursery, Preschool, and Elementary wings. We want our middle school students to join one of our four services in the main sanctuary.

I know how early 7:30 AM feels - but for those of us who grew up in church, think of it as a throwback to the sunrise services we used to attend. I will be here! After all, the ladies got up before dawn to go to the tomb on THE day… so maybe you might want to do the same. I ask that if you bring a friend to church on THE day, make sure you come with them to act as a host.

I am looking forward to seeing you on THE day!