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Jesus: It begins with Forgiveness

March 7, 2019 | Aaron Adams

This past Sunday we kicked off a new series simply titled "Jesus" where we looked at portions of Mark chapters 1&2. At this point Jesus has been teaching with authority, casting out demons, healing the sick and disabled. Whole towns, villages, and cities where Jesus resided and traveled were caught up in the buzz.

In Mark chapter 2, in the story where Jesus heals the paralyzed man that has been lowered through the roof by his friends, Jesus, first, before any healing had begun, forgave the man of his sins.

The crowd was looking for a healing miracle, but instead, they were thrust into an uncomfortable atmosphere for some and certainly raised questions for many. Jesus found it more difficult to forgive this man than any healing ever would be. But that's the beautiful part of this story, at least for me. The good news, the gospel, for this man, and Jesus, in that home, began with forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a difficult thing for a lot of people. I admittedly would say that forgiveness, true forgiveness, is a struggle of my own. I like to think that I can forgive and move on, but that's not always the case. Sure, when a chore at home isn't done... forgiven. When my two young boys do something that they know they shouldn't be doing (climbing on the kitchen table for instance)... forgiven. But when I've been hurt deeply, forgiveness is hard, yet I know that it's what Jesus gave and still gives to me, just like he did that paralyzed man. Forgiveness is a process, and sometimes it feels like a long process. My prayer is that I continue to take the steps toward forgiving as Jesus forgives and that I lean on his strength, authority, and power along the way.

That's my prayer for you, too.