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Jesus is Lord!

March 12, 2019 | Didi Bacon

I firmly believe that character is revealed by pressure or struggle. Who a person is, comes out when they are facing the fire. I think you can say that it is also true about love. A person's character is revealed when they enter a relationship of love. Your expectations, your hopes, your dreams, your values - all of these come out when you are in a relationship of love. I think this is what a preacher I read once said, "At my funeral, I want it said that those who knew me best, loved me most." Those who know me best are those I that l love and they love me. My wife. My Children. My family. My small group of faith friends. Our love relationships provide the venue and catalyst for change to be better people.

On Sunday we talked about how in Mark chapter 3, crowds came from all over Israel to see Jesus. The crowd came. They came with expectations. Customers. Clients. Contributors. Customers came to have Jesus provide services for their needs. Clients were those who believed being in with Jesus meant they were entitled to use Jesus as they pleased. Contributors were those who wanted to be part of something big, to give what they could to be part of the movement. Jesus does not want customers, clients or contributors. He wants followers. He wants disciples. Individuals who grow to love Him. As we grow to love Him, we move away from being a customer, client or contributor to being the ‘one who does the will of God (Mark 3:35). Will you follow Jesus?