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I got goat feet!

November 19, 2020 | Didi Bacon

Ok. I have two confessions to share with you this week.  
The first is that I love goats. On my way to the church building, I will drive by this house with goats in a pen. Every time I see them, I smile. I remember all those funny videos on the internet with goats jumping around or sticking their tongues out or making some of the strangest sounds. Goats are incredible climbers. I have seen pictures of mountain goats standing on the tiniest of ledges, high up the sheer face of mountains. They are just standing there like it is nothing. Some of them are even taking naps! How they can do that with their little hooves, only God knows!  
Now, my second confession. I have been upset with God. It seems like the world is upside down with no right side up correction in sight. 2020 has been one stress after another. I feel like the bold prayers I made in faith are falling on deaf ears.  
I recently took a few days of “stay-cation.” On my last day off, I wrote the following in my journal, “I am more drained than I thought.” Those kinds of reflections can only come after you get some rest. Over the past few days, my dark mood led me to read through Habakkuk in the Old Testament. Habakkuk is quite an interesting dude. Habakkuk asks a question that I think many of us have been asking: How is it that the good and the innocent suffer while the wicked flourish? If God is good and just, then why God, why? In the book, God answers Habakkuk. Long story short, God’s answer is simple: Trust in me. God tells Habakkuk that although we do not understand and life does not always turn out like we think it should, we should still trust him. This is where Habakkuk lands after his wrestling with God:
“The Lord God is my strength, and He has made my feet like hinds’ feet, and makes me walk on my high places.” Habakkuk 3:19 (NASB)
There it is, my mountain goat! Now technically, the “hind” referenced here is not a mountain goat exactly, but that is where my mind went. If I trust in God, no matter how steep or challenging the side of the mountain I am climbing, he will make my feet like a mountain goat so that I can walk on my high places. When I read this verse, the image brought a smile to my face. When we trust in God, his strength is like giving us goat feet, goat feet capable of climbing the high mountain! If you are struggling during this season of turmoil, take a moment to remember the mountain goat and remember what Habakkuk said - “God will give me goat feet if I just trust in Him!”