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Grace Honors The Grace Giver

September 25, 2019 | Didi Bacon

Randy Frazee, pastor of Pantego Bible Church in Fort Worth, Texas, tells the following story in sermon preached in 2001 titled "Uncommon Confessions":

“I remember seeing a picture of a husband and wife in a gentleman's office. I said, "Nice picture." I turned around and looked at the man, and he had tears in his eyes. So I asked him, "Why are you crying?"

He said, "There was a time in our marriage when I was unfaithful to my wife, and she found out about it. She was so deeply hurt and injured she was going to leave me and take the kids with her. I was overwhelmed at the mistake I had made, and I shut the affair down. I went to my wife in total brokenness. Knowing I did not deserve for her to answer in the affirmative, I asked her to forgive me. And she forgave me.

"This picture was taken shortly after that. When I see this picture, I see a woman who forgave me. I see a woman who was willing to stand with me in this picture. So when you see this picture you say, 'Nice picture.' But when I see this picture I see my life given back to me again.”

The Word of God is described as mirror.  In a way it is like a picture in a picture frame.  If you have accepted God’s grace by faith in Jesus.  It contains a picture of God and you.  In that picture you are right with God.  He is with you in life.  You have been brought back from death to life.  You were once lost but now you belong to the family of God.  If you were to look at that picture - is it - ‘Nice picture’?  Or do you see your life given back to you again?  A life to be lived dedicated to honor God the grace giver?  Naomi, Ruth and Boaz in the book of Ruth serve as examples of living by grace, through faith by honoring God the grace giver in how they lived.  God has given us everything we need by His Spirit for us to be able to honor him in our life - even if it is hard.  Grace honors the grace giver.