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March 23, 2021 | Aaron Adams

Honest confession. I am one of the most competitive people on this planet, or at least, that’s what my wife tells me. Okay, I may not be the MOST competitive, but I probably am up there. From an early age, I loved to compete. I loved playing sports and being competitive against the opposition. Look, I’m even competitive against myself! Even the things that shouldn’t be that competitive, I usually make them competitive. Truly, just ask the staff. Each month we have to turn in our credit card reports. It pains me if I’m not first, or at least close to first. If you’re not first, you’re last, right?

My competitive nature has led me to hate failure and even to be fearful of failure. I hate to fail! I want to succeed at everything I set out to do. That’s probably most of us. We never set out in life hoping to fail. We strive not to fail. We set ourselves up in ways so that we can avoid failure at all costs. Yet, failure happens. I have failed. There are things in life that I’ve failed at. But, I’m not a failure…

See, there is a difference. I have failed, but I’m not a failure. So, what do we do when we have to look at failure in the eyes? What do we do when we have to face failure head-on?

In scripture, one of the closest disciples of Jesus, Peter, said he would never fall away from Jesus, even if that meant him dying alongside Him. Yet when the “stuff” hit the fan, when Jesus was arrested, where was Peter? The answer: Peter wouldn’t even say that he knew who Jesus was. On many accounts, we would say that Peter failed. Peter may have failed, but he wasn’t a failure. There was more to the story.

You may have failed, but you’re not a failure.

Let’s talk more about this on Sunday. I hope to see you in person or online.

Love ya,
Aaron Adams