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Discovering God's Plan for your Christmas

December 20, 2018 | Didi Bacon

Fasting is a practice of the faithful. In its most basic form, fasting is not eating food at food times to use that time to focus on God. It is the denial of your regular plans to connect with God in prayer, Bible study, meditation. In our effort to ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our spiritual lives, what do you think about doing a fast with Christmas plans?

Ask God to prompt you to add a faith action to honor Him. That will bring about an adjustment to your traditional plans.

For Dad, maybe it means you lead the family in a prayer of thanks for the gift of Jesus before the presents are given out? Perhaps it could be that you decide to scale down a meal to use the money saved to give away to a ministry or person in need? What if it is coming together with the family and deciding to take a portion of the budget for each gift to the Ronald McDonald House or City Gospel?

However it ends up, our collective prayer should be

“God I have my plans for Christmas. I want to be open to your voice like Joseph did in the Christmas story [Matthew chapter 2]. I want to submit my steps to you. God, do you have anything in mind?”