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A Thank You from Inter Parish Ministries

August 7, 2019 | Didi Bacon

On Sunday, I shared how we, Mount Carmel Christian Church, intend to “set our sails to be caught by the wind of the Holy Spirit.” We want to be a Jesus worshiping community (Loving God) and a Jesus disciple making community (Loving People). One of the ways we will love people as the Holy Spirit leads is to be a community of service.  

“We will use our God given gifts to bless those in our church family and those outside our church family.”

It is humbling to witness this happen in real life. Jeff Perrine, one of my associates, passed along the following email that I just had to share. It is  such an honor to be called to work with the Spirit as we work with each other! Thank you Mount Carmel, for being obedient to the Spirit and serving so well.

Hi Jeff,

I blame your wonderful church for the length of this thank you!  You just do so much for us!  You truly serve others with all your hearts.  Below is our thank you. 

Claudine Elzey

Inter Parish Ministry extends a huge thank you to Pastor Bacon, Pastor Howard, all the volunteers, and the congregation of Mount Carmel Christian Church for hosting IPM's Back to School Day and Mobile Pantry on August 2nd.  Every year you offer your church home with arms wide open.  This year we were able to serve over 250 students!

 At Mount Carmel Christian Church the day becomes much more than the students receiving school supplies.  You extend love, warmth, and hospitality to families who are struggling to meet basic needs. Welcoming tables, chairs, crafts, and yummy food greet them when they come through your doors.  Your kindness spills over to also making the IPM volunteers and staff comfortable.  We appreciate you.

This year you extended your generosity to offering shoes, socks and underwear for the little ones.  What is better to a child than new shoes for school?!  When we needed additional school supplies, you brought them.

Words cannot express our gratitude for all you do for IPM.  Perhaps the words of a grandmother caring for five grandchildren may help.  With eyes full of thankfulness, she quietly expressed, "You saved us.  I could not buy all these supplies for my grandchildren."  Or maybe it's a little girl who got the last folder with a character on it.  She hugged that folder to her chest as if it was the greatest gift she ever received.  Our personal favorite is a third grader who exclaimed, "This is the best day ever!"  Each year you make Back to School Day the BEST DAY EVER!


 The IPM (Inter Parish Ministries) Staff